Coaching is a partnership, and coach and client share equally in the collaboration. The desire, resourcefulness and life experience of the client are the inspiration and foundation of the coaching work. As coach, I bring my own life’s journey of healing and growth informed by training and education and the passion to help clients discover their own path to fulfillment.

My educational background includes a BA from Trinity College in the Classics, an MA from Andover Newton Theological School in Psychology and Religion, the practice and teaching of Co-Counseling, a peer-based program of emotional and personal growth, and a Certified Professional Coach degree from the ICF* certified Coaching for Transformation program in NYC. I am currently learning about the power of astrology to deepen self-understanding and ongoing self-mastery. My coaching is enriched by my skills as parent, teacher, and decades of focused learning in emotional and spiritual growth and healing.

I invite you to set up an initial consultation to explore working together. Please email me or call (413) 329-0449.

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“Working with Phoebe has brought about a huge shift in me. I have come to trust living from my values. What used to seem like insurmountable obstacles now appear to me as opportunities.” ~ MH, Warwick, RI